Our wood wool is dried to less than 15% moisture content and is currently available in 10Kg and 20Kg Bales in four different grades. We believe that offering our wood wool in bales provides a more cost effective solution for our customers but we would be happy to discuss any other requirements you may have.


The spruce timber we use to produce our wood wool is light in colour and has a very low aroma. This makes it the perfect solution to enhance and protect your product. Alternative natural colours and aromas to give a unique finish could be produced for larger orders.

To order your wood wool, use our online shop: shop.greatbritishwoodwool.com contact us via email: info@greatbritishwoodwool.com or call us on 01686 630120

Orders up to 5 bales will be delivered in individual boxes. Orders of 6 bales or more will be delivered on a pallet.

If you have any specific requirements please contact us and we will be more than happy to try and accommodate your needs.

Grade 1 Wood wool approximately 0.30mm to 0.40mm thick. Commonly used for packaging heavier items such as engineering parts and pottery, live shellfish packing, malt vinegar production and many other applications.

Grade 2 Wood wool approximately 0.15mm to 0.20mm thick. This is our hamper grade used for packing almost anything. Great for gift and wine packaging for example.

Grade 3 Wood wool approximately 0.10mm thick. Commonly used for luxury hampers, taxidermy and teddy bears.

Grade 4 Wood wool approximately 0.05mm thick . This is our finest, softest grade mainly used for taxidermy and teddy bears.