About Us

Great British Woodwool Ltd was founded in September 2018 when we recognised the potential to develop a new business from the foundations of a discontinued local manufacturing facility. Based in the heart of Mid Wales we have an abundance of local, well-managed woodlands from which to source our timber.

The Managing Director, Craig Pugh, has many years experience in the timber industry having run a successful arboricultural business giving him a good understanding of the raw material and its properties.

Since starting the business, we have spent time to understand the product and processes and are investing in new equipment enabling us to continually develop and improve the production and quality of our woodwool.

With the world focusing on climate change and its impact on the environment, as a natural product, we believe our woodwool offers a sustainable alternative to plastic packaging alongside its many other uses.

Case Studies

Sarson’s history began in 1794 when they first started making vinegar in Craven Street, London. Today, they make six million litres of Sarson’s vinegar every year – that’s 15 million bottles! Brewed from British malt, using our Woodwool from larch timber grown by the Leighton Estate in Wales and craft brewed in Siberian pine vats. The process takes seven days to create a rich and round taste and it has been done in the same way for over 200 years using quality British ingredients.

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Covid: The impact on recycling

With the high street shut and online retail scaling new heights, households find themselves the recipient of ever more packaging material. Great British Woodwool looks at the recycling challenge this presents. As last year’s coronavirus pandemic took hold around the globe, it did at least seem as if there might be one major upside to … Continue reading Covid: The impact on recycling